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My Mission

I believe in a world where illness and disease doesn't exist I believe that one day illness and disease will be a thing of the past, and we will all be healthy and well and live long happy lives.

To achieve this we need to look at illness and disease differently, If we continue to view illness and disease using the same models that we have been using then we are just going to get sicker and suffer. 

If we want to live in a world where we are all healthy and happy then we need a new model of how illness and disease are created and then how to solve it.

Back in my mid 20s I was suffering with a chronic back pain that traditional and alternative medicine wasn't resolving, my therapist wasn't Helping and tapping and meditation were only controlling and maintaining the pain. so I went in search of something new. 

I was fortunate to stumble across something called META - HEALTH  this was not a therapy but an analysis of why we become ill and diseased, it was a road map to the root cause of illness and disease and then once you understood the roadmap you could apply the correct therapies to solve the problem.

After doing the 10 day training I was hooked and haven't looked back since. 

Over the last 15 years I have successfully used this model of understanding why we get illness and disease to help so many more clients with more complex problems and health issues as well as solving my own chronic pain and depression.

And now I feel everyone should know this information, because it will show you 

  • Why you are ill and diseased 

  • Why traditional medicine is not working 

  • Why nothing you have tried is working 

  • What you need to do to heal finally 

  • The right therapies you need to do 

Once you understand the root cause of your illness, you can start changing it once and for all.

So ask yourself a question 

Do you want to continue being unwell and suffering just because a person in a white coat has told you so?

If you answered yes to the above question then this is not for you 

but if you want to understand the root cause of why you are sick and how to finally solve it then stick around watch the videos and let me know what you think

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