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Video Tutorials 

This course is designed in a specific way to take you through your journey of learning and understanding the NEW PARADIGM in why we really become ill and diseased. 

Video 1 - Intro To Decoding Illness And Disease

This video is an introduction to this website and the information i'm sharing about this new understanding of why we become ill and diseased and why we need a new understanding of illness and disease.

Video 2 - My Story - How I Discovered This New Paradigm Of Why We Really Become Ill And Diseased

In this video I share my story of how I stumbled upon this new paradigm in illness and disease and how it changed my life and health and how i've used it to help my clients

Video 3 - How Dr Hammer Discovered This New Paradigm Of How We Really Become Ill And Diseased

In this video I talk about DR Hammer who first discovered the new paradigm of why we become ill and diseased under very tragic personal circumstances and how its evolved since then

Video 4 - Introduction To The Basic Process

This video introduces you to the basic process of why we become ill and diseased, This process is very important and understanding this is your start to finding out that illness and disease is not random, Theres actually a process to it and once you understand there is a process you can find out where you are in the process and what you need to get out of the process and back to feeling healthy.

Video 5 - What Starts The Process

This video shows you what starts the process, this is actually the ROOT CAUSE of our illness and disease and once you get this and see how it starts the process running, you will see that my solving the ROOT of whats triggers the process off, you can heal your mind and body once and for all.

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